Materials Flow & Level Monitoring

Bin Level Monitoring has long been a challenge for many of our high-level customers, which is why Milltron Electric. is thrilled to offer an innovative and all-encompassing solution.

Real-Time Monitoring

The MBM system functions in a variety of different bin types, and can be used to monitor both solid and liquid contents. Measuring, recording, and updating bin levels at regular intervals, the MBM System displays its easy-to-understand readings concurrently on a Human Machine Interface, a digital line display, as well as on a computer screen.


For up to a year afterwards, daily history graphs are available to our clients, while older histories may be available upon request. Trucking companies can also be notified of their bin levels almost immediately by using this simple and cost-effective solution.


The system can also be monitored online through our client area by utilizing a secure and individualized client username and password.