Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

High-level heat and pressure waves generated by arc flashes, blasts, and explosions cause numerous deaths and injuries to electrical workers each year.

Milltron Electric Inc can visit customer sites to perform detailed Arc Flash Hazard Analyses as per the CSA standard Z462. Site safety is our number one priority, and so we work to impart our harm reduction solutions to our clients, their workers, and families.

Finding and detailing Arc Flash energy points in the system can drastically reduce the potential for harm. Recommendations for limiting energy levels are then provided to clients, along with a “Device Co-ordination Study.”

Fuses, circuit breakers, and other protective devices are often over-sized, or have settings that can be safely changed to lower Arc Flash Ratings. Our study will help the customer work alongside our expert to bring these levels to safer ratings, without affecting production or creating “false trips”.

Arc Flash Labels are also provided for each specific piece of equipment, which demonstrate to workers which pieces of Personal Protective Equipment to wear, along with incident energy and other valuable information.

Milltron Electric Inc. can also aid in the creation of further Arc Flash safety procedures and documentation.