Power Survey & Analysis

Power quality analysis is crucial to a well-functioning system, enabling users to monitor how power is being utilized, how clean that power is, and where it is in highest demand within the application.

Milltron Electric is proud to use the most up to date and sound metering technology. This enables the end-user to detect trouble spots and then take corrective action (Power Factor Correction), using our comprehensive and easy to understand reports.

Long-Term Solutions

Milltron Electric is dedicated to providing for our clients’ needs, and so we work diligently to predict immediate and future system requirements. To that end, we work directly with manufacturers of correction and filtering equipment, allowing us to solve issues, mitigate risk and eliminate guesswork.


To provide further peace of mind for our clients, we also possess the most sophisticated data metering devices and cameras available. Our equipment captures voltage, amperage, KVA, KW, KVAR, power factor, harmonics, total harmonic distortion, sags & swells, and transients, all contributing to an informed and safety-focused work environment for the end user.