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Thank you for your interest in Prince George, British Columbia’s very own Milltron Electric. We are known for being keenly focused on safety, excellence in craftsmanship, and creating a client-oriented workplace environment, and are pleased to be able to offer you our services.

We can be reached at:

Jeff Chappell, (President),
Mario Rezendes, CTech, Class A, (Vice President)
Justin Simon, (Controller)

Project Advisors
Jason Vaughan, FSR-A, (Project Manager & Sales)
Clint Chappell, FSR-A, (Project Manager & Sales)

Project Designers,  Programmers &   Technical Support
Mike Jurcic, AScT
Jason Stoltz, AScT
Kevin Warmerdam, AScT



The members of our technical support department have each spent a long career with our company, working alongside us for over 15 years and have over 50 years combined experience. Well-versed in PLC programs and other client needs, they are each certified journeymen electricians and electrical engineering technologists.  Each member of our technical support team is also renowned for their patience, know-how, and the ease with which they can communicate difficult concepts in plain language to those on the other end of the phone.